Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety
Getting Endorsed

To ride legally in Montana you must have a valid driver's license and motorcycle endorsement or permit. How do riders earn a motorcycle endorsement in Montana?

  • You must be at least (16) years of age or fifteen (15) years of age and have passed a driver's education course approved by the Montana Department of Justice and the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • You must have in your possession a valid Montana Driver License or obtain one.
  • You must successfully complete the motorcycle knowledge and skills tests.
  • You must pay the required fee of $0.50 cents per year.

NOTE: You are not required to take an MMRS training course. However if you pass a MMRS Basic RiderCoursesm or a Basic RiderCoursesm 2, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will waive the state skills test. Therefore you will only be required to take the Montana state knowledge test.

Don't get a ticket for driving without a motorcycle endrosement!

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