Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety
Training Courses: Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

The BRC has been updated and now requires an online eCourse to be completed/passed prior to attending the BRC. After you register online you’ll receive an email with a website link to register, at no cost, for the eCourse on the MSF website. After completing/passing the eCourse you will print out your certificate and you MUST bring the printed completion certificate to class in order to be able to continue. If you do not present your proof of completion at class you will not be allowed to continue and there will be no refund for the cost of the course. (Your local library probably can help if you need internet assistance.)

For the Beginner, Novice or Returning Rider
The MMRS Basic RiderCoursesm is an introductory course intended for a new rider with little or no experience (although some veteran riders have found that they learned more than expected). Motorcycles are provided for on-cycle training. Successful graduates receive a waiver of the Montana Department of Motor Vehicle practical (on-bike) test, but you are still required to pass the written and vision tests and pay any other fees.

In the Basic RiderCoursesm, you'll learn how to operate a motorcycle safer, with emphasis on the special skills and mental attitudes necessary for dealing with traffic. MMRS Coaches will start you off with straight-line riding, turning, shifting and stopping. You'll gradually progress to cornering, swerving and emergency braking. In the classroom, you'll learn about the different types of motorcycles, their characteristics, and how they operate.

The MMRS Coaches, all experienced motorcyclists, will advise you on what to wear for comfort, visibility and protection. You'll find out how alcohol and other drugs affect your ability to ride safer. A very important segment of the course will guide you in developing a strategy for riding in traffic, and how to deal with critical situations.

BRC Student
To successfully graduate, students must attend all sessions, be on time for all sessions, get 80% or better on a knowledge test and pass an on-cycle skills test.

This introductory course requires no experience, but be aware that motorcycling is not for everyone. Students may progress at different paces but may not be able to successfully complete the course or they may be counseled out because of safety concerns. When on the training motorcycles, all students must wear appropriate riding gear. For safety reasons we require each student to wear a DOT approved helmet, long sleeve shirt or jacket, denim jeans or heavy pants (not excessively baggy), over the ankle boots (please make sure they are not fashion boots with heels), full fingered gloves, eye protection.

*Failure to wear the appropriate riding gear will result in being dropped from the class. There are NO refunds.


In order to participate, MMRS requires every rider to be prepared; specifically you must:

  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Sign a waiver, provided by Motorcycle Safety
  • Bring a DOT approved helmet (MMRS Training Sites are unable to loan helmets due to Covid.)
  • Eye protection
  • Wear full fingered gloves, preferably leather
  • Wear long sleeved shirt or jacket
  • Wear sturdy pants (no shorts)
  • Wear boots that cover your ankles
  • Be in a proper state of mind
  • Provide a waiver signed by a parent or guardian for any student under the age of 18

Since class is conducted in ALL weather conditions (except for extreme weather), you are advised to bring:

  • Wet weather gear (rain jackets, rain pants, etc.)
  • Cold weather gear (warm jackets, sweaters, etc.)
  • Sunblock

You may also want to bring:

  • Water or other non-alcoholic beverages
  • Lunch/snacks as necessary

**Please note that any unsafe acts will result in the dismissal of the student.**

Register for a class
Register for a class in one of these locations by clicking the city below. If under 18 years of age registration must be done via phone!
Great Falls
Columbia Falls
Sidney (Eastern Montana)
Malmstrom Air Force Base
  Call Wing Safety 406-731-1234
   to register
BRC Benefits
  • Successful graduates earn a Waiver of the practical (on-bike) test.
  • Besides learning how to ride, graduates may be entitled to receive an insurance discount on their motorcycle insurance (check with your insurance agent for specific details.)
  • You don't need to own (or borrow) a bike to get your license!
  • Learn how to enjoy yourself more when you ride.
  • Meet new friends.
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